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Vignette Nr. 4 Patchwork Magazin Leanne Beasley

Vignette Nr. 4 Patchwork Magazin Leanne Beasley
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A bright and happy issue full of bright and happy projects!

 If you'd like a simple project, whip up some fabric covered candle holders. Learn how to cover a pre-stretched canvas in fabric, visit far north Queensland in Australia and join in a stitching retreat, enjoy a Pretty Blossom Stitchery that you can wrap around a canvas if you like, or you might prefer the Be Greatful For Simple Blessings stitchery, read up on hand quilting and binding using The Hexagon Quilt as your sample. With 40 pages of stitching and home-loving goodness (with no adverts!) there's lots to keep you busy.

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Materialpackung Wandquilt Monat *März* 28 x 33 cm
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AUSLAUFMODELL Kl. gelbe Knöpfe m. ornamentalem Rand 6 Stk. d=11mm
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Jerseystoff mit Pfauen 1,60m breit x 50cm in 2 Fraben
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